Every day remains unique with unique challenges and opportunities

Jesus was certainly right when he admonished His passionate followers to bother less about tomorrow, as He reiterated that it has its own way of dealing with itself. It is interesting the ripple effect of every single action, even our decisions to remain insensitive. Perhaps that is why many people believe atheists belong to a religion in their own right.

I have come to believe that one can do everything, but not all things within a period of time. That is the more reason I believe in prioritizing events on the long and short term. It is interesting to note that as u lay the first few blocks well the other blocks  follow in an easy and beautiful pattern. This is what yields joy and fulfillment. Life truly does not depend on the abundance of things one possesses, but on the possession of the most important.

We surely must seek the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and it is beautiful to watch how all other things are added to it!

Love vs Tolearance. How far should the Christian tolerate evil?.

Society is plunging deep downhill! Any doubt about that? Certainly not.
To many folks, it is an expected phenomenon as the Bible explicitly conveys the fact that “the love of many shall wax cold.” and that wickedness shall abound. Any mathematician critically observing the trend of parameters like selfishness, lust, and their like will doubtlessly conclude that the world is heading towards a danger zone. The increasing rise of robbers, prostitutes, homosexuals, lesbians, corrupt leaders, etc will be rising still!!

That notwithstanding, it is amazing to come across countless souls who admit their shortcomings and express a genuine desire to trade their plight for a “better life”. This is a great expectation for any Christian. But then the approach remains a challenge to this day.
John Maxwell chirps time and again that “it is easier to catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”. That is certainly true! Encouragement and love for the sinners is a beautiful way to commence the process of restoring them to a better life. Many books, websites, and individuals are amazed at the countless souls that knock their doors for counseling (or just to be listened to sometimes)- they share their endless narrations and finally conclude with the popular “I am confused” phrase. The warm and comfort soon evolve to a stage which I consider even more dangerous – a stage where the individual “normalizes” his or her condition. This is to say he/she comes to believe whatever is happening is natural and not an exceptional case. These further degenerates into a mindset where morality is compromised and souls malnourished, thereby plunging souls further downhill.
There is no substitute for condemning explicitly what is considered wrong by God! Men should never feel comfortable in a church while they remain sinners. It is high time the “prosperity gospel” was substituted for the intended gospel, where men consider Christ their Lord and Saviour – a stage where they begin to depend absolutely on God, even in a fallen world. It is an era where “heaven never helps those who help themselves” but rather equips and strengthens those who walk by faith.
The command to love is clearly Christian. But to condone evil in the name of love is clearly unpardonable.
Ray Boltz came out last year to publicly announce his members in homosexual’s world and “convincingly” said that he is sure that’s how God made Him. Yeah. Men, even baby Christians as well as “Christians” with contradictory doctrines will strife to justify immorality. Revered men may fall in a world of disillusion. But that NEVER makes their conduct or utterances true. Post modernism will seem to bring some “truth”, but shall still miss the mark.
How far should a believer tolerate? How far?

So Precious!!

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Along the beautiful, winding road to the East

The easiness of the heart is like none but falling manna

Sure! That smooth curve is so perfect a shape, just like banana

Look! Beyond the edge lies the panorama of a savannah

My body, soul, and spirit worship the Lord for this creation

Who but Jehovah has perfectly established this nation

And so much more; the skies, the rivers, and mighty oceans

Thank God for perfect revelation, else a painful evasion

Indeed the Mighty One is only righteous

His mighty deeds are so marvelous

He parades great works so virtuous

Even my beloved so … precious!

Inspired by wonderful thoughts flooding through my mind as journey from Accra to Koforidua one weekend. later dedicated to Adwoa Amuah

Morality on the decline…values being compromised!!!

The daily attitude of people nationwide is attaining an alarming level. Rich and cherished values have gradually been branded “colo”. To be described as “sexy” years back was tantamount to a prostitute. It is however a compliment in today’s world.
… Wake up!!


This article is the original work of Nana Esi  Egyirba Amuah, a participator of the SRC genus competition held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana.


t is evident that the information age is far advanced and consistently improving. There are the challenges, opportunities and the potentials in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Ghana for Education, Research and Development. Ghana’s ICT vision portrays the transformation of Ghana into an information-rich knowledge-based society and economy through the development, deployment and exploitation of ICTs within the economy and society. Ghana is ranked the fifth among the first and best ten ICT developed countries in the continent. KNUST has the ICT centre with about 210 computers running online which is open to student and staff use for a good number of hours of the day. There is also the wireless service on campus now and its active in all the halls at varying strengths. There is also the connection of the offices of lecturers and administrative offices onto the internet. But what percentage of the student population own laptops in order to enjoy the wireless? Many KNUST students don’t even know there is an ICT centre. Several faculties, colleges and departments have collaborated to benefit in the area of ICT facility. Students who discover the facility think they have to pay for it and hardly know fees for ICT is incorporated into their school fees. How much and to what extent do the students take advantage of the facility? How far have the students been benefiting? How many students and staff are computer literate? How effectively is the internet facility and pc skills utilized among teaching and non teaching staff? The general question is; how is Ghana especially the youth taking advantage of these technologies towards development as far as it is available so far?

IT can be seen to have at least six areas of complexity which were mentioned earlier as software, hardware, databases, datasets, procedures and knowledge of people. Hence it is no mean task to implement an IT project as many people think.

As compared to other tertiary institutions, KNUST has about one third of the number of pc facilities in Legon and as compared to other institutions, its better off,

Many secondary schools don’t use it.

Many homes don’t have pcs because they are beyond the budget of the average Ghanaian. The average university student cannot afford pcs. People own pcs for fancy sake and scarcely for seeking and development of information

Timing for availability of services is bad – within working hours in KNUST

We are in the information age and there is no doubt information is very vital in all spheres of our lives. The right information just when needed could solve so much problem

With this in mind, man thought of and made the computer, a device that serves as the prime machine in expediting the processing and distribution of information. The world today can boast of millions of computers hooked up onto the internet or as standalones.

Information Technology (IT) is all the software, hardware, databases or datasets, procedures and knowledge of people that are used in a way to satisfy requirements of an entity.

Ghana over the past few years has seen in-floods of hardwares and software of all forms but is seriously lacking a very vital aspect of IT, which is knowledge in IT. There have been cases where firms – small and large – made IT policies and went ahead to implement them. Unfortunately, these laudable projects more or less find their way in the wrong hands. Why am I saying this? Chief Executive Officers or people who have the power to initiate these projects mostly render their friends or loved ones the opportunity to take these projects up, and in most cases, these people may not be competent enough to handle these projects.

IT can be seen to have at least six areas of complexity which were mentioned earlier as software, hardware, databases, datasets, procedures and knowledge of people. Hence it is no mean task to implement an IT project as many people think.

The aforementioned factors and undue politics in initiating IT projects often cause these laudable projects to fail hence making people or end users have a bad perception about IT in general.

Elsewhere in the world, these projects are well implemented by the experts and it has resulted in cases where medical doctors can be assisting in operations in remote centres, lecturers instructing students on various University campuses at the same time, quick checking-in at train and bus terminals, but to mention a few.

The egocentric interests of some Chief Executive Officers have also contributed to these bad perceptions. In some cases, competent people could be found in the country to undertake these IT projects, but because of the selfish interest of some of these Chief Executive Officers, they tend to either bring people from other countries or use incompetent people. After the implementation, maintenance becomes a problem because experts are from outside or the project was poorly executed by non-experts. Looking at the bigger picture, much more harm has been caused than the purchase money which goes down the drain, and this basically creates a bad image for IT.

The knowledge of many in IT in the country is woefully inadequate and it is recommended that, IT be made a sole field of study at the higher level of education to help produce the requisite manpower to man the up-and-coming IT projects.

Furthermore, the few local experts in IT should be rendered the projects allowing for quality and relatively cheap project cost. This will also help in the building of the country’s IT capacity.

The above article is the original work of Nana Esi Amuah, a participator of the SRC genus competition held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana.

All in the name of Life !!!?

It is very normal to wake up on a very blessed day chasing the wind. Until your perspective is aligned to the originally intended plan by the creator, your effort are just about chasing the wind or perhaps vigrously fetching water with a big basket into a dam! Individuals on the surface of this planet are definitely not  here by accident. They have very important assignments critical for survival even for generations to come. As Rick Warren puts it, there may be irresponsible parents but never accidental babies, for the good Lord has excellent plans for such “unplanned” ones.

Discovering God’s purpose and working towards it is the wisest step in life….or what do you think?

A new perspective after a new experience !!

The whole of last week was virtually spent in Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana.