Every day remains unique with unique challenges and opportunities

Jesus was certainly right when he admonished His passionate followers to bother less about tomorrow, as He reiterated that it has its own way of dealing with itself. It is interesting the ripple effect of every single action, even our decisions to remain insensitive. Perhaps that is why many people believe atheists belong to a religion in their own right.

I have come to believe that one can do everything, but not all things within a period of time. That is the more reason I believe in prioritizing events on the long and short term. It is interesting to note that as u lay the first few blocks well the other blocksĀ  follow in an easy and beautiful pattern. This is what yields joy and fulfillment. Life truly does not depend on the abundance of things one possesses, but on the possession of the most important.

We surely must seek the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and it is beautiful to watch how all other things are added to it!