When you mean so much to freinds

Great friends over the years have remain great assets to those they come into contact with. Great acts of courage, love and sacrifice demonstrated by friends and loved ones remain vivid in my imagination. I have vowed to do all within my means to ensure my friends and loved ones have the best of me while I remain on earth. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I discovered the challenges tied to this objective.

I met Janet Essuman at UIC (as published in Monday’s blog) and was impressed by her courtesy. She engaged me  in frequent chats later on in the week during which she confided and shared some challenges of hers to me. I  trusted and still trust God to aid me make the maximum impact on her.

The latest of the challenges to this friendship came yesterday. The latter part of the day was really tight. Adwoa Amuah had kept me in suspense with her story of “the visitor”. I had in mind to join my cell group at the Kwapongs residence. The plan was clearly documented in my big head. The calls just kept coming mainly from these two friends of mine. Before long I discovered they were pushing me in the middle of them and God.

Janet’s disappointment was displayed in a text message I read the next day…”if u don’t want me as a friend, tell me and I will stay away…” Disappointed as Adwoa felt, she managed to forgive for making her overstay. She had traveled all the way from Akosombo and had managed to reach me before stepping foot home!

I however spent more time than I anticipated at Hill Top and consequently disappointed my friends. Jane’s numerous phone calls were never picked as I had muted the phone, while Adwoa kept on waiting in my room, having told her I’ll be back (though I will keep quite long).

My new friend Janet just gave my first test…I hope I pass!


Description of the Information Security Programme (Master Programme)

nformation has become one of the most important assets of an organization or a company. To protect information is one task of great importance in business. This program is designed to provide the foundation for understanding the key issues associated with protecting information assets, and to emphasize the business considerations and consequences of effective information security management.
During the first year of your studies important concepts within the area will be defined, for example Information Security, Safety, Critical Systems, information classification, and risk analysis. Other important issues are techniques to transfer information between users in business and how transferring can be made in a secure way. You also gain knowledge of professions and roles from a security perspective, important standards used and research within the area.

The function of cooperation and collaboration and the system for decision making are important when working with security. Many companies offer their services online and the concept e-services and security risks that exist within this area are elucidated. The firs year is completed by performing work in a company.

During the second year you learn more about safe e-services, safety, critical systems, Internet security and information security management. The thesis is also written during this last year

All Eyes Watching !!

I concluded she might be one of those friendly or warm people you meet at places. That was seconds after I met Janet Essuman at the University Interdenominational Church. I never met her during those past weeks because she happened to be on campus (University College of Education, Winneba) by then. Her persistence for my contact number at the Joshua Generation class was a real awakening call.

Little did I know my new found friend wanted to confide some troubling issues in me.

I thank God for her life, for things worked out excellently… and I’m trusting God for a great breakthrough in her life.


A very good friend sent me a strong caution not to step foot at the center/office during weekends. She claims I’ve never had a real weekend before and as a matter of fact should try spending one completely off-office! I thought it was worth trying, hoping to use CAN 2008 as a glue to my seat back in my room.

I failed the test at the 11th hour. I was in the room for most part of the day; DD came visiting. I accompanied her all the way to AVU (Africa Virtual University), which happens to be within my office premises. In fact I delivered a message from the HOD to the co-ordinator of the center, but never sat down to work.

I just happened minutes after I closed from a meeting at UIC. Though Esi and KK were willing to drop me at my hall, I insisted on alighting at the Science Faculty… where I failed the test.

Addiction seems to be setting in all too soon.

Adwoa’s mail

As usual, u could expect Adwoa to respond to mails with an excellent sense of humour. The mail below represents one of the responses following the death of Akokotuntum (a 19 year-old chicken) .

An obituary fora departed chicken features predominantly.

i Sweet,

Pls don’t crucify me for not watching da match. Infact, I did not watch a second of da match but I’m da first to see or hear any goal. Don’t ask me how cos I don’t even know how myself. There seems to be a positive change. U don’t stay in da office late but I’m really suspecting it’s because of da CAN 2008 tournaments. U’ll have to prove urself when da tournament is over. So, how was ur day? Ope it was perfect. I don’t want to imagine da no of press ups cos if u took brunch around 9.30a.m. then, it must be uncountable! I already know today was extra O cos u DIDN’T skip – VERY STRANGE!!



The Ebusuapanyin of Akokochicken Ebusua, Omanhene  of da Akosombo traditional area, the headmistress of da Akoko generation Creche, the Akokobanyin and Akokobasia families regretfully announce da death of their beloved

Akoko Tuntum

AGE:      19 DAYS




FINAL FUNERAL RITES:   WILL FOLLOW IMMEDIATELY AT HER RESIDENCE – H.NO G.I. 2, ABANSOR                                                             QUARTERS, AKOSOMBO.









So, da match is finally over and there’s a lot of analysis going on in da hall and all da ‘coaches’ have invented their own theories. Ur theories are welcome though. I’m compiling all of dem n I think it’s going to really sell on da market. Don’t worry. I won’t charge anything for any business lesson. U’re too good to be charged for these little services. (Just in case u intend to have a personal buz, don’t adopt dis particular strategy, else, it’ll collapse!).


I also liked the daily bread msg for today. Salvation is really not turning a new leaf but gaining a new life. What’s more we need to do a lot to maintain dat new life. For abt two days, I was feeling lazy to read my bible but I’ve caught up. Genesis seems to have very interesting stories. I saw Tema in da bible and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I still can’t tell whether Abraham and Sarah were really sisters. And about today’s daily bread bible reading, I went a little further and I met the same scripture reading I’ve been battling with for the past four years and I still don’t understand it (I Corinthians 15:29; would be nice if u read from 12). I’ve been asking da Holy Spirit to say something and make me understand and no one has been able to explain to my understanding. Anyway, maybe u could give it a try. Use the Contemporary English Version when reading. I seem to understand dat one quite well. I just have too may questions but I’m sure dey’ll be answered in due course.


I thought the Black Stars were going to spell N-A-M-I-B-I-A but they couldn’t. Coach De la Roye is so right. He said Namibia is not to be underestimated.  I’ve not given up on dem and I’m sure da ‘Host and Win’ still exists.


Who told Bush dat his father is da only one dat Cartoonists love? They are really in love wit he himself. He just doesn’t know. If he has any doubts, he should come and have a look @ my fon. Lest I 4get, there’s something funny I’m sure u’d like to listen to on ma fon.


Do take good care of urself and ensure dat u catch up on da skipping sessions. I don’t know how much longer I can hang on but missing u is becoming a test of time. Guess what? I got a space for u in da guiness book of records – u broke da skipping routine and it’s been registered!



Luv loads,


CAN 2008 in my country

The preparation for this all-important tournament was subjected to intense criticisms by all and sundry. From all indications it was easy to fall to the pessimistic camp. Even days before the tournament it was surprising to discover the finishing touches to some of the newly constructed stadia was far from over! The fever of the tournament was not felt in the host nation itself. Only God knew how the participating countries saw it as the media cited the absence of publicity of CAN 2008 as a serious anomaly.

The outcome was, however, contrary to expectations. By Sunday 15:00 GMT, the entire Ghanaian population could be traced to two main location: the refurbished Ohene Gyan Stadium or glued to venues with TV sets with accreditation to telecast the international event. After a rather brief but colourful opening ceremony, the president of the nation, HE President John Agyekum Kuffour set the stage for the opening match to commence.

Analyst of the game had described the Guinean side as a force to reckon with, and they were not far from right! The first few minutes of the game depicted a typical opener of a “two cautious sides”. At the end of the first half it was clear all Ghanaians have developed hatred for the word “pole”, for the Ghanaian side had struck it trice letting their counterparts off the hook. The Guinean side gave an expected tough opposition and satisfaction was clearly scribbled on their determined faces.

The second half commenced caution as well. A penalty awarded the Black Stars aided Asamoah Gyan to record the first goal of the tournament. The entire goal post which had denied the Ghanaians penetration was more friendly to the Guineans as they registered the equalizer with a ball hitting the bar and crossing the goal line. Displeasure was registered among the Ghanaian funs every where. After the 85th minute, I believe Ghanaians have settled for a point in their hear, but that was far from the truth. Sule Muntari dared to struck from afar.. and o la la.. the effort was worth worth it!!

Words cannot describe the joy of nation… You needed to be there to witness dances of varying form, drinking spots under pressure, hooting from jubilating funs…

Monday saw the Namibian side trashed 5-1; Ivory Coast 1, Nigerian 0; Mali 1, Benin, 0.

Today’s enviable match comes off at the Baba Yara stadium where Cameroon locks horns with Egypt.

Time with the Joshus Generation- UIC

The times of spying seem to be over. My appearance at the Joshua Generation class of the University Interdenominational Church today was not a flash. I spent most of the time observing the class’ attitude: their contribution, concentration, participation, and specifically their response to my “full presence”.

Sitting among those wonderful children spontaneously brought to mind my Sunday School days: the action songs, the memory verse recitals, the commanding voice of the teacher,….There were a lot of parallels between these children and the several children services I’ve been involved, but several exceptions could be pinned:

The University Interdenominational Church’s Sunday School is very well structured. The infrastructural development is clearly visible. There seem to be enough resources; ample Sunday School teachers (I was about the fifth in my class), teaching aids abound as well – fixed to the front section of the class is a television and a DVD player above the large white board.

The background of most of these children could be inferred without difficulty. The medium of instruction is mainly English with occasional explanation in Fante (the major dialect in Cape Coast). The children’s command over the English language makes communication smooth. Children come to class with required materials- notebooks, pencils, pen, and comprehensive Bibles.

Today’s service for the Sunday School took a general form. All the classes (Little Davids, Joshua Generation, and the Junior Action) had a talk. Joshua Generation had Prof Fred Odoi to speak on how the Bible came into existence. The children seem to appreciate the availability of God’s word to a lot of people once they learned the priests of old were the only people who could keep the Bible. Understanding that this Bible was originally one, and even Jesus had to read it from a scroll in the synagogue made the wonder the kind of world people lived in by then. Joshua Generation class couldn’t believe it when told the Bible was copied by hand in those days!

The major spiritual lesson conveyed was that the Bible was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. The memory verse for the day John 1:1 was not very strange to most of them: IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS WITH GO AND THE WORD WAS GOD. Most of the class members said it with ease. Children who recently made a transition from the Little Davis class to the Joshua Generation however had to struggle a bit.

The teachers: Sis Gloria, Sis Gifty, and Auntie Fausty handled the class. I help cut and distribute forms to aid gather detailed records of class members.