Love vs Tolearance. How far should the Christian tolerate evil?.

Society is plunging deep downhill! Any doubt about that? Certainly not.
To many folks, it is an expected phenomenon as the Bible explicitly conveys the fact that “the love of many shall wax cold.” and that wickedness shall abound. Any mathematician critically observing the trend of parameters like selfishness, lust, and their like will doubtlessly conclude that the world is heading towards a danger zone. The increasing rise of robbers, prostitutes, homosexuals, lesbians, corrupt leaders, etc will be rising still!!

That notwithstanding, it is amazing to come across countless souls who admit their shortcomings and express a genuine desire to trade their plight for a “better life”. This is a great expectation for any Christian. But then the approach remains a challenge to this day.
John Maxwell chirps time and again that “it is easier to catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”. That is certainly true! Encouragement and love for the sinners is a beautiful way to commence the process of restoring them to a better life. Many books, websites, and individuals are amazed at the countless souls that knock their doors for counseling (or just to be listened to sometimes)- they share their endless narrations and finally conclude with the popular “I am confused” phrase. The warm and comfort soon evolve to a stage which I consider even more dangerous – a stage where the individual “normalizes” his or her condition. This is to say he/she comes to believe whatever is happening is natural and not an exceptional case. These further degenerates into a mindset where morality is compromised and souls malnourished, thereby plunging souls further downhill.
There is no substitute for condemning explicitly what is considered wrong by God! Men should never feel comfortable in a church while they remain sinners. It is high time the “prosperity gospel” was substituted for the intended gospel, where men consider Christ their Lord and Saviour – a stage where they begin to depend absolutely on God, even in a fallen world. It is an era where “heaven never helps those who help themselves” but rather equips and strengthens those who walk by faith.
The command to love is clearly Christian. But to condone evil in the name of love is clearly unpardonable.
Ray Boltz came out last year to publicly announce his members in homosexual’s world and “convincingly” said that he is sure that’s how God made Him. Yeah. Men, even baby Christians as well as “Christians” with contradictory doctrines will strife to justify immorality. Revered men may fall in a world of disillusion. But that NEVER makes their conduct or utterances true. Post modernism will seem to bring some “truth”, but shall still miss the mark.
How far should a believer tolerate? How far?


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