What a Welcome, Snatcher !!!

I had always dreaded the move from Cape Coast to Accra, the simple reason being the heavy traffic, general insecurity, and probably complex organizational politics existing in Ghana’s capital – Accra. To move from Cape Coast to Accra made it extra challenging, considering the fact that I had adapted to the ancient capital and the capital of the Central Region of the republic of Ghana-Cape Coast:

Firstly I obtained my first degree in the prestigious University of  Cape Coast (University of Choice). I further did my national service in the university with a fair taste of the university community while I served in capacities related to the Computer Scienct and Information Technology Department, Center for Continuing Education, the awesome University Interdenominational Church (UIC), and a host of others. The experience and wonderful networks established was simply wow!

After a long deliberation, the giant move was made!!

I reported to work the first day at the IT department of Central University College. The welcome was extremely warm (though with a bit of skepticism). We toured various offices to announce our presence. This “tour” led by Mr Gustave Amuzu was really important to me, as it helped me gained a good overview and perspective with ease.

The early days of my work was filled with interesting events (many of which I will narrate in another post).

The most memorable one, however, happened on Thursday, 19th February 2007. The day was really long because I had decided to do some major troubleshooting on my laptop. Though I finished quite early, I hesitated my sudden departure with the hope that traffic will reduce significantly. It sure did go down after 20:00 hours GMT in line with my expectation, but with a big price!! It happened in the popular Circle Station, where I picked a “trotro” to my home in Madina.

I had gotten into my vehicle with a big sigh of releaf. I picked my MTN phone to check on a couple of messages. The busy atmosphere surrounding Circle Station was lost as I drowned into my personal world to dream of the future and the weekend’s heavy schedules. Little did I know I was being monitored by an experience “phone snatcher”. His planned entrance to my seat was the opened windown of the passenger right behind me. With absolute agility compared to the revered speed of light, he snatched my phone like a hawk snatches a chick from a mother hen. The thief walked through the countless parked big vehicles and joined a host of  other suspects of thiefs (presumably). Some passengers screamed while others kept absolutely silent in total disbelief. Many of the passengers, especially the women (who looked quite compassionate) rained insults and strong curses on the thief. The whole journey was filled with narrations by passangers detailing their previous experiences with such people. The curses from the passengers soon dwindled my self pity into compassion for the thief. I said a prayer,…and thought aloud, “What a welcom!!?”


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