Morality on the decline…values being compromised!!!

The daily attitude of people nationwide is attaining an alarming level. Rich and cherished values have gradually been branded “colo”. To be described as “sexy” years back was tantamount to a prostitute. It is however a compliment in today’s world.
… Wake up!!

All in the name of Life !!!?

It is very normal to wake up on a very blessed day chasing the wind. Until your perspective is aligned to the originally intended plan by the creator, your effort are just about chasing the wind or perhaps vigrously fetching water with a big basket into a dam! Individuals on the surface of this planet are definitely not  here by accident. They have very important assignments critical for survival even for generations to come. As Rick Warren puts it, there may be irresponsible parents but never accidental babies, for the good Lord has excellent plans for such “unplanned” ones.

Discovering God’s purpose and working towards it is the wisest step in life….or what do you think?