His last I heard

While one half of me felt desperate to hurry to the computer center to complete a task assigned to me by my boss, the other half longed to witness the party hosted by the outgoing vice chancellor of the university. The latter won the day perhaps considering the fact that it was one of his very last messages to a gathering in the university he has spent decades serving.

Earlier on, there had been a number of meetings at the Unversity Interdenominational Church (UIC) in preparation towards the incoming  crusade. I continued to Hill Top with Richard Nana Boateng, who had also travelled from Kumasi to pay his dues to the occassion.

The sound of loud music and ecstatic shours from the direction of the Vice Chancellor’s Lodge almost scared me away, but my persistence to witness the atmosphere won the day. On reaching the grounds for the party, the feeling was mixed. A relatively large gathering of service personnel for the university covered the ground area. While others danced happily, others relaxed on their seats and watched the personnels dancing with glee.

Before long, the VC’s face appeared from the backstage accompanying a thunderous jubilative welcome. His speech was very concise. Rev Prof Addo Obeng is noted for his characteristic diction and clear tone. The big silence on the ground was an indication of the crowd’s big expection. He thanked the service personnel for availing themselves to serve their alma mater. He further challenge members present to feel free to return and pursue further studies as well as work in the university. He equally encouraged all to give out their best so the image of the university will be lifted other than taking a nose dive.


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