The Last Night in Cape Coast

The black and white pair stepped down from a rather rickety “trotro” (a lowcost commercial vehicle in Ghana). Their steps alone was ample evidence of the stressful day. They seem to love it though. After greeting me with a warm hug, they greeted the old lady of the house. “Maadwo” (meaning good evening in the Akan language of Ghana).

These two are part of a 15 member team from the United States of America with the purpose of joining the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES) for SICE (Student in Church Evangelism) in the Nkwanta district of the Volta Region of Ghana. After a successful week stay in Kwame Nkrumah Hall, they embarked on a home stay with christian families on the University of Cape Coast campus. Kasey “Yaa” Alwood and Jonelissa were assigned to I East Hill Top, the residence of Dr. Peter K. Kwapong and family.

The mother of the house, Mrs. Lydia Kwapong, had to rush for a praise and worship meeting as she is committed leader of the team. She subsequently missed dinner. Daddy was however there to take up his position for the very insightful dinnner, which revealed great lessons through the sharing of experience especially on the part of our foreign friends.

Notable among the many insights was their peculiar challenges here in Ghana. Kasey was quick to point out the “food issue” explaining she loves to eat frequently in bits, but was compelled to take the whole bulk at a time back in the Sasakawa restaurant as they were encouraged to do so. Touching on the outreach programme organized at the University Interdenominational Church (UIC), Jonelissa compared it to the Jehovah witnesses in the state, stating emphatically it was quite weird in their setting.

Kasey loved the newly born bunnies and held them warmly throughout the evening. She actually planned spending the night with her newly discovered friends.

They saw me off the junction amidst hugs and little pleasantries. Indeed how beautiful it is to dwell in the creator’s love.


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