When all apears meaningless…

Time has unsuspectingly been flying consistently very similar to Ghana June’s unabatting torrential rainfall. It wasn’t until I took one of my long reflective walks along the University of Cape Coast’s brightly-lit main road towards the science faculty that I discovered my long-term plans were not going as ordered.

A lot has happened since I started my National Service (also coined National Suffering by a host of notorious Ghanaians). A good number of activities have certainly been done with relish: My impact with the kids and youth of the University Interdenominational Church, by God’s grace, has been awesome; remedial students, especially those resident at Kwame Nkrumah Hall, have received great guidelines and inspiration from Charles; My moves in GHAFES have equally been so fruitful; my service at the computer science department and computer center has yielded great gains; who knows what else…

The one question that had ripple effects throughout that week was the question from my boss: “What are your plans after service?”. It compelled me to think through my career path for a long while. I soon developed proactive ways of clarifying my priorities, needless to say that was short-lived. Resorting to my natural style of life seem to give me great fulfillment. It also seem to align me to great opportunities. Two will do for now.

It is typical of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) to train student missionaries. Part of this big group is the Ghana Fellowshiop of Evangelical Students (GHAFES). On hearing that a 15 member team from the United States of America has arrived in Kwame Nkrumah, I had no other choice than to contribute my time and resources to ensuring that they had the best of times. My personal interaction gave me a deep insight into several areas of lifes. The many radiant smiles which travelled across their rather smooth faces was really refreshing to me. Guiding them to the Elmina and Cape Coast castles was really emotional on their part, especially the Afro-americans. Analyzing and interpreting the various instances in a godly manner revealed a great deal of truths and assurances. With about two days more to join their counterparts else where for the village outreach (missions), there is no  two ways describing this period as a great blessing.

Seeing Prof Turkson at the computer center of the University of Cape Coast was certainly inspiring. He is one of the many members of UIC who challenge me continuously with his academic life. My task was to help him troubleshoot a problem he had with his anti-virus. Though my task was accomplished, the experience he shared and a suggestion to consider Central University College as part of career development and fulfillment of personal vision.

Don’t you believe it’s a beautiful thing to plan? I certainly support it. However when frustrations pop up here and there and life seem meaningless our mindset and style of living can always bring great relief to the heart. This I think is the creator’s natural gift to them who he created.

When all seems meaningless, always remember the “little” things in life possess priceless packages.


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