… And the Day Died !!!

To discover it’s two minutes past 23 hours GMT is horrifying. Honestly speaking I confess I’ve turned nocturnal, but this particular time lapses are horrifying !! I think I almost lost control of time.

On the positive side, I had accomplish somethings. To God be the glory, the project work assigned to be supervised was successfully completed today. A sample of the printed work was submitted today by Raymond. It was challenging on my part as time was very limited. The lack of collaboration on the part of the entire project team I believe costed them so much.

The first part of the computer literacy programme wrapped up today. Having taken the class through Introduction to Computers and MS Word, it’s assumed they’ve built a strong foundation for the other applications.

What about the weekend? Prince weds Dzigbordi !! It was great to be in Kumasi to witness this great occassion. I missed Eric, who was busy behind the keyboard all throughout the occassion.

The desire to encourage brethren in the bus was welcome by many. This, however, did not spare me the agony to think of my being with Adwoa when the bus was ready. Believers ought to be cautious about thoughts of others.

Siesta at Adoration Hostel was great !! Woke up back to Science for downloads.

KK may come later….

Science Remedial Programme in full swing.

Miss you from Adwoa.

Plenty stuff in store.