A Very Refreshing Day !!!

Who said Cape Coast lacks rain !!? Your perception just changed after yesterday’s heavy downpour. It rained cat and dog till the early part of today, with accompanying showers even after day-break!! The soft groud and the refreshing air gives ample evidence.

Having left office the early part of today, I actually returned late considering my schedule for the day. The critical task is to handle the computer literacy class scheduled for 14 hours GMT at the computer lab. I worked ahead of time to secure materials for the lessons to proceed smoothly.

Reports reaching as from Morocco indicates that participants for the AFNOG conference are having a cool time. The only challenge is my boss’s relatively stressful condition amid poor health. His message and attachment are however downloaded for further processing. Subsequently, a message has been sent to acknowledge receipt of his material as well as an assurance of our willingness to beat the deadline.

Members of my class just started trooping in. I’ll dash off for a quick lunch and return to give them my best.

Hasta Luego !!!