Prof. Chen to go.

Below is Tuesday’s news item as published on MyJoyonline concerning Prof. Chen’s termination.

A visiting Canadian lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Steve Chen has been fired for expressing his views about the University.

His appointment was terminated following statements he posted on his web site that appear unfavourable to the University.

Prof. Chen told Joy News that he questioned the rationale for spending huge sums of money on expensive cars instead of stocking the university’s library.

According to him the Canadian High Commissioner visited the school and was appealed to for assistance by the university authorities.

Meanwhile the High Commissioner, he noted drove a car half the price of the vehicle used by the University’s administration, something he found incomprehensible.

The Associate Professor expressed disappointment at the situation, saying he thought there was freedom of speech in Ghana and so did not understand why he was victimized for expressing his views.

He stressed that he would discuss with the Canadian authorities the manner in which Canada’s aid is being applied in Ghana.

However the University authorities have denied sacking Prof. Chen

The authorities explained that the Professor’s appointment covered only one semester adding the University decided not to renew his appointment because there were other lecturers who could teach the course he taught.


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