Ghanains gradually recovering from shock

The blow was certainly hard. The motto “host and win” was finally meaningless as the Indomitable Lions snatched the first-place ticket from the host nation- Ghana.

Following the match between Ghana and Cameroon was the cracker between Egypt (the current champs) and Cote D’Ivoire-  another hard nut.The final score line was far from expectation. Ghanaians had company at last ! The Ivorians ‘ humiliating defeat seemed to have consoled the mourning Ghanaian funs. 4-1 in favour of the Egyptians was unbelievable. Ghanaians could be bold to say they lost honourably. That didn’t erase the hurt of the previous game involving their home team.

The blame game started there and then. The over “20 million Ghana coaches ” started the postmortem. Criticism came from everywhere, ranging from the coach’s selection to the players’ commitment. Some were clearly at a lost as to what to say. Pain was scribbled on every forehead.

Analyzing present phone-in sessions on radio and TV speaks of recovering funs.

Our encounter with Cote D’Ivoire  awaits us tomorrow. What about “host and bronze”?


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