At Akim Swedru for a wedding

reco0042.jpgAs part of it’s obligation, the University Interdenominational Church had representatives/volunteers honouring the wedding invitation of Kwaku Addo-Kissiedu, who happened to be a Sunday School teacher in the cause of his stay on campus. Having comtemplated for sometime as to whether or not to join the Boadi-Siaws for the occassion, all was settled by Thursday after I told Dr. Samuel Boadi Siaw “I am certain of going with them”.

Subsequently, details/plans for the journey was communicated to me. We were to set off at 6:30am on Saturday. On my side, plans were far advanced for the journey. Plans were however altered this (Saturday) morning when Dr. told me we rather have to leave after 7 am.

Before 7:30, the private car of the Boadi Siaws was ready at the East gate of the university. Present in the vehicle were Mrs. Mildred Asthma, Dr. and Mrs. Boadi Siaw, and Yehowada.We set off shortly after I’d done the prayer for safe journey.

One thing was certain- we did not know the exact destination for the occassion. In our effort to beat the traffic on the road, Mrs. Agnes Boadi Siaw, suggested a road which links Agona Swedur to a main road to Akim Swedur. This was very helpful, but not from scratch! We meandered several narrow raods all in an attempt to discover our fast lane. Thanks to a lady who directed us by aid of a van leading us.

This, strange as it may sound, was the beginning of our troubles. The least said about our frustaratios the better! Our Akim Swedur Assemblies of God destination saw us pass Akim Awisa following close directions by “some townfolks”. We drove back and forth several times. Our discovering the town’s secondary seemed to have brough us close. Our journey via a dusty road symbolized our last babtism of troubles. We were there at long last !!

Praise and Worship was in session (this was quite surprising as we thought we were late (afer 11)) .The couple were yet to be ushured in. Amidst shouts of admiration and appreciation they settled and things rolled on.

Rev. David Frimpong Boateng’s concise sermon appeared to compensate for my troubles. It dwdelled on three key issues of marriage: the Purpose, Pairing and Principle of marriage. The vivid illustrations and good sense of humour made it a very lovable one with clear lessons to learn.

Among known faces were Sammy Asiedu, a former GHAFES president (happened to be related to the groom), Adjele’s former room mate, and a handful of faces I seem to recall in UCC.

Our journey back was equally memorable:

It first commence with the lost of the Ghana flag hooked by the car door, our visitation to the site hosting the biggest tree in West Africa and some small shopping by the road side.

I came back to hall to meet Marian. Randy later joined…

Church didn’t meet for prayer meeting today and passed by the Center.


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