When you mean so much to freinds

Great friends over the years have remain great assets to those they come into contact with. Great acts of courage, love and sacrifice demonstrated by friends and loved ones remain vivid in my imagination. I have vowed to do all within my means to ensure my friends and loved ones have the best of me while I remain on earth. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I discovered the challenges tied to this objective.

I met Janet Essuman at UIC (as published in Monday’s blog) and was impressed by her courtesy. She engaged me  in frequent chats later on in the week during which she confided and shared some challenges of hers to me. I  trusted and still trust God to aid me make the maximum impact on her.

The latest of the challenges to this friendship came yesterday. The latter part of the day was really tight. Adwoa Amuah had kept me in suspense with her story of “the visitor”. I had in mind to join my cell group at the Kwapongs residence. The plan was clearly documented in my big head. The calls just kept coming mainly from these two friends of mine. Before long I discovered they were pushing me in the middle of them and God.

Janet’s disappointment was displayed in a text message I read the next day…”if u don’t want me as a friend, tell me and I will stay away…” Disappointed as Adwoa felt, she managed to forgive for making her overstay. She had traveled all the way from Akosombo and had managed to reach me before stepping foot home!

I however spent more time than I anticipated at Hill Top and consequently disappointed my friends. Jane’s numerous phone calls were never picked as I had muted the phone, while Adwoa kept on waiting in my room, having told her I’ll be back (though I will keep quite long).

My new friend Janet just gave my first test…I hope I pass!


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