Description of the Information Security Programme (Master Programme)

nformation has become one of the most important assets of an organization or a company. To protect information is one task of great importance in business. This program is designed to provide the foundation for understanding the key issues associated with protecting information assets, and to emphasize the business considerations and consequences of effective information security management.
During the first year of your studies important concepts within the area will be defined, for example Information Security, Safety, Critical Systems, information classification, and risk analysis. Other important issues are techniques to transfer information between users in business and how transferring can be made in a secure way. You also gain knowledge of professions and roles from a security perspective, important standards used and research within the area.

The function of cooperation and collaboration and the system for decision making are important when working with security. Many companies offer their services online and the concept e-services and security risks that exist within this area are elucidated. The firs year is completed by performing work in a company.

During the second year you learn more about safe e-services, safety, critical systems, Internet security and information security management. The thesis is also written during this last year


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