A very good friend sent me a strong caution not to step foot at the center/office during weekends. She claims I’ve never had a real weekend before and as a matter of fact should try spending one completely off-office! I thought it was worth trying, hoping to use CAN 2008 as a glue to my seat back in my room.

I failed the test at the 11th hour. I was in the room for most part of the day; DD came visiting. I accompanied her all the way to AVU (Africa Virtual University), which happens to be within my office premises. In fact I delivered a message from the HOD to the co-ordinator of the center, but never sat down to work.

I just happened minutes after I closed from a meeting at UIC. Though Esi and KK were willing to drop me at my hall, I insisted on alighting at the Science Faculty… where I failed the test.

Addiction seems to be setting in all too soon.


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