Time with the Joshus Generation- UIC

The times of spying seem to be over. My appearance at the Joshua Generation class of the University Interdenominational Church today was not a flash. I spent most of the time observing the class’ attitude: their contribution, concentration, participation, and specifically their response to my “full presence”.

Sitting among those wonderful children spontaneously brought to mind my Sunday School days: the action songs, the memory verse recitals, the commanding voice of the teacher,….There were a lot of parallels between these children and the several children services I’ve been involved, but several exceptions could be pinned:

The University Interdenominational Church’s Sunday School is very well structured. The infrastructural development is clearly visible. There seem to be enough resources; ample Sunday School teachers (I was about the fifth in my class), teaching aids abound as well – fixed to the front section of the class is a television and a DVD player above the large white board.

The background of most of these children could be inferred without difficulty. The medium of instruction is mainly English with occasional explanation in Fante (the major dialect in Cape Coast). The children’s command over the English language makes communication smooth. Children come to class with required materials- notebooks, pencils, pen, and comprehensive Bibles.

Today’s service for the Sunday School took a general form. All the classes (Little Davids, Joshua Generation, and the Junior Action) had a talk. Joshua Generation had Prof Fred Odoi to speak on how the Bible came into existence. The children seem to appreciate the availability of God’s word to a lot of people once they learned the priests of old were the only people who could keep the Bible. Understanding that this Bible was originally one, and even Jesus had to read it from a scroll in the synagogue made the wonder the kind of world people lived in by then. Joshua Generation class couldn’t believe it when told the Bible was copied by hand in those days!

The major spiritual lesson conveyed was that the Bible was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. The memory verse for the day John 1:1 was not very strange to most of them: IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS WITH GO AND THE WORD WAS GOD. Most of the class members said it with ease. Children who recently made a transition from the Little Davis class to the Joshua Generation however had to struggle a bit.

The teachers: Sis Gloria, Sis Gifty, and Auntie Fausty handled the class. I help cut and distribute forms to aid gather detailed records of class members.


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