Another Saturday

It’s yet another Saturday and lots of objectives remain unaccomplished! The hands of time stare me in the face, needless to say I can do little about it’s current position. The fact that I’m in the second half of my service sends thrilling shivers through my spine sometimes. As the fever takes the better part of everybody, I love to slip into the atmosphere of the CAN2008 often times. Well, I have cause to get ecstatic for this one, at least. Ghana plays Guinea in an opening match tomorrow, and who can wait to see what happens next.

This Saturday wasn’t filled with activities: Michael Boateng, my room mate was set for a wedding at Aboom with T.A Randy. I took the opportunity to request for a change of the C123 phone at the MTN, which he with a bit of difficulty. The weather wasn’t so harsh, but I exercised all the same. Minutes after my shower brouht Marian (all the way from Mankesim) on a visit. She had come to register as a sportsman for the upcoming camp.

I watched Odyssey as part of my relaxation plan. This was supplemented with some television show.

My evening at UIC was cool…

I then found myself at the center


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