Integrity: Vanishing from our world??

The morning showers has really freshen the atmosphere. Coincidentally, so is my soul!! Life is gradually returning to normal as the transportation system has significantly improved. Vendors are finding their respective spots and preparations by authorities on campus towards the CAN 2008 soccer fiesta seem to be redefining life on the University of Cape Coast campus.

Refreshed soul? Yes. That’s where I centered my quiet time (Gen. 39: 1-12).

It was really assuring walking in the shoes of Joseph. Combining various resources like the John C. Maxwell’s Leadership Bible, the electronic version of the Life Application Bible, and my devotional guide- The Daily Bread made it an insightful study.

Integrity points to a strong adherence of moral and ethical principles. The online reference dictionary defines it in a number of ways:

adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull.

It is interesting to note the life of the young man Joseph had gone through various stages. It is even more important to note his response to the various challenges life presented him. The John C. Maxwell’s leadership Bible explained this with the concept of the Law of Solid Ground. This he explains earned Joseph a lot of trust!:

Though this dreamer was sold by his envious brothers the Ishmaelites, he persisted in organizing himself and proving resourceful in the land of the Egyptians. The center of God in his life, no doubt, accounted for this great victory. The Bible makes it clear that Potipher recognized the role of God in the young man’s life as he prospered in all that he did. One would think this great achievement should bring him great reward. Well, it did in that his (Joseph) master entrusted all he own in the house in his care. But…

The great achievement in conduct coupled with the handsomeness of Joseph presented him with yet another challenge. His master’s wife pestered him to lie with him. This he resented explaining he couldn’t commit such a wicked act against his God. It is worth noting that Joseph centered his life entirely on God. He never perceived sexual immorality as something between two consented adults. Note that his perspective of God was a wonderful asset. This stance landed our admirable character in prison!

Prison as a home for this God-fearing man? Yes, our insistance on the right thing could cost as a lot, but the Lord never sleeps or slumbers. Joseph soon resorted to his gift of interpreting dreams… and what a good one he was!

Long story short, he applied wisdom and his skill to save Egypt from a great starvation. And guess what? The ultimate position became his reward. His lifestyle further chalked success in his conduct with his brothers… He went real high in all endeavours!!

One might argue on the grounds that Joseph’s era was characterized by foreing other than indigenous rule. Well.. that’s cool. But his all round INTEGRITY never stopped at nothing!!


Our world, from all indication is crying for it.. Please rise up somebody!!!


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