RIP prof Andam.

Though it happened only last Friday, Ghanaian’s seem to be receiving the death of this great personality as real only at the start this week ! It was really a big blow, especially to the academic and christian community. Rumours in such circles ranged from utterances  like “it was diabetic;.. they claim it was a heart failure, etc”  “How will Prof Allotey receive this news?” (obviously with respect to their collaboration to establish a university) was the comment from the Head of Computer and IT department of the Unversity of Cape Coast.

The death of the visionary, a reservoir of knowledge, a sharer of ideas needs further reflections.. I can almost see him as I recall the night he mounted the stage at the old library (UCC) to share with GHAFES members “his story” (more like the path his success. A program hosted by the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students, UCC branch  ). With absolute vividness, I recall Prof Andam’s talk during the last Champion’s Conference held at the auditorium of UCC. Such rich of moments of wisdom and humility  offered an insight into the unique mindset of this paradigm shifter.

Today the cemetery will be notified of its riches in weeks to come… ?For indeed a mighty tree has fallen. Daddy, we know we you are  surely resting in the bosom of   our Lord and cheering us on. That soul doubtlessly shall forever rest in peace.


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