An unusual reporting time.

I’m noted for leaving office very late as well as found there at odd times such as weekends and holidays. My reporting time today is quite strategic though. I was here somewhere around 5:00am. This is not very surprising. Afterall I’ve reported  before 5:00am and left after 4:00 am before.

The extraordinary part of this reporting time is that I woke up with quite some difficulty. I need no prophet to tell me to take another look at my health. I really need some rest. So my plan was to come early, go through my important duties for the day and leave when everyone else have reported !!

As part of my plans for the day, I’ll like to meet a doctor at the University Hospital for advice and a check up; I also have in mind seeing my seamstress for a completed dress. Other vital activities are a visitation to some  colleagues at the old site and a small shopping plan in town.

At this stage, I know I’ll be very exhausted with my rather quite-bad health.. and who knows what !!! I’ll sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!!


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