Unversity Interdenominational Church – progressive change !!

I have always loved the atmosphere that prevails in non/interdenominational gatherings. Thank God I wasn’t disappointed today too. It was a good time through it all.

Having started on quite a dull note, the University Interdenominational Church (UIC) in Cape Coast has made significant progress over the time I’ve been on campus, thanks to the great hand of God made evident in the members of the church. Today’s service was dubbed a family meeting (and it certainly was!!) Members participated openly, making meaningful suggestions.

Among other things, Bro Bentil and Akosua Fenin (I hope I’m right) will be tying the knot somewhere around 5th January, the Koomsons were seen off officially. Mrs. couldn’t hold back her tears as she expressed appreciation of the church’s love.

After a couple of the exchange of greetings (many of them among students coming back from school),….

I sneaked/passed by the office to do what u just read !! Hope u correct all my silly mistakes.dscf0104.jpg


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