After the trip

The long awaited trip turned out a reality some few minutes before midday yesterday. The guys at the center were smart to get themselves a good brunch prior to the journey. Eight service personnels in all: Ernest Jackson, Nobel Kuadey, Richard Lomotey, Ariza David, Lorraine Johnson, Kennedy Otchere, Eric Ampah, and Charles.

We settled in the comfort of the luxurious faculty bus together with the Head of Computer Science Department, Mr. Daniel Obuobi and the coordinator of the computer center, Mr. John K.E Edumadze. Together with the driver, the 11 member team set of happily for the historic trip.

Commenting on the journey to Accra isn’t a pleasant thing to do this beautiful Saturday morning: Accra is often described as “still developing” yet the gap between the modern/current capital and the ancient capital is really wide. Vast undeveloped land were seen on this large stretch of road. A number of dilapidated and poor structures lined up the street of Cape Coast. This quickly brought to mind the situation in Japan, where efforts are made to retrieve the tiniest bit of land imaginable. One could have thought that these lands could be invested into large state farms.

The bus all along had been turned alive by the participation of Mr. Edumadze in petty jokes and comments. Before long we were picking important lessons from his previous stay in China, where he vividly described the industrious nature of the Chinese. “No wonder they’ve come this far” seemed to be the chorus ringing in every ear.

Arriving at the Regency was quite a relief. But hardly had we stretched our aching legs than our two bosses suggested a visitation to a couple of places before the commencement of the wonderful programme. It wasn’t just for sight seeing though. some were for “other things” u know… Our next stop was at Kofi Anan Center of Excellence, where we met Terry (an alumni, now incharge of cisco instructions/stuff at aiti).

Our stop at GDC (Ghana Dot Com) is worth mentioning, for after all it was related to our trip. Ghana Dot Com will make sense if you were told it was formerly Network Computer System whose founder of course is Prof Nii N. Quaynor. Meetiing former mates like chuks, ben, greg, vitus brought wild smiles and cheers! We were soon back to Regency where the programme will soon begin. It wasn’t difficult to recognize the presence of the media all over. Settling down gave the chance for a couple of socialization…

Displayed right in front of the anxious audience were plaques congratulating Prof Quaynor for the great achievement as well as the enviable crystal globe. This was a moment to recognize the support of some hardworking guys who have been behind prof all this while. He did this himself.

After tributes were read from hear and there, prof expressed appreciation in a very happy mood. He was however quite hard on some of the politicking which had caused him very much. He reiterated the public to eschew some negative attitude and rather give room to those with the know how to enable an increase in the penetration of the internet in our nation. The history of NCS/GDC suggested they’ve gained long roots and a good reserve of knowledge to foster growth in the IT world.

The hesitant attitude of the media suddenly changed to a very lively one when “issues” started emerging. They were addressed/answered satisfactorily with most of them receiving detail after the main programme.

Amid the chewing and biting was a moment of socializing. Nancy (it was her birthday!) and her friend Cecilia passed there after work to witness the occassion. They also tried hard to convince some of us to adopt an insurance policy in our everyday life style.

The journey back was more fun: there jokes here and there, reflections, sharing of views and opinion.. the rest certainly remains history!!!

Need we say it was a great trip.. Certainly the greatest so far !!