What Clem had to say after the GILLBT trip

After a wonderful trip to the northern part of Ghana with the GILLBT team, my big brother clem made this interesting account to the world:

My trip was challenging, inspirational and hope-instilling. Did I hear you ask what I mean by hope-instilling? Well, but for this trip, I won’t have understood the value of little things in life. Once upon a time, the elephant and the mouse were crossing a bridge. When they were half way through, the bridge shook. The mouse laughed and said “we have shaken the bridge.” So do you also agree that the weight of the mouse contributed to the shaking of the bridge? By the end of my story you may draw your conclusion.

You know how difficult it has been for us sharing the word of God with Muslims let alone converting them. However, during my discovery trip, I met this man who was a strong Muslim together with his friends with his parents been staunch idol worshipers. It may surprise you to know that he became a Christian as a result the friendship with his room mate at high school who never shared Christ with him. Instead, the peace of God, which was upon the life of this friend, ministered Christ to him. Do you see what God can do?

Well for time sake, I’ll reserve how I witnessed the funeral of the baboons (i.e. a type of monkey) at the Mole National Park; my encounter with the whites who never practiced racism; the council of the Gonja chiefs in session, how a mathematics teacher became a bible translator his whole life, how a politician became a missionary and this may surprise you: how elephants take their bath.

You can deduce from my story that if the mouse could hide behind the elephant and share the joy of having shaken the bridge, then I can confidently hope in the Lord and also hide behind him, following his directions so as to perform what seems impossible. What of you? Do you still keep on to some fears of doing the work God? Well, a word to the wise is enough. In fact I really discovered a lot!

What do you see about Clem’s account ??

Perhaps you’ve wondered how to make a contribution to your world.  You certainly can  be the change you always dream of your world. The tiniest effort will certainly result in a much bigger impact.

Wake up, for it is morning !!!

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