An inconsistent world ???

For sometime now I have been following with interest publications of Prof Steve Chen (a visiting lecturer from Canada to the University of Cape Coast in Cape Coast – Ghana) and his fiancee-Terri (not so sure, please). The couple’s journal make interesting readings. The consistency with which they update their journal ( is very commendable.

Their long years in Canada have undoubtedly shaped their way of thinking very much as their lifestyle. It is a blessing they comment on a myriad of daily life observations – education, culture, shopping, entomology, home electricals, African cities and streets, zoo life, and you just name it !!

Concerning education, he seems not pleased with the level of competency of the student. Discussing matters with one lecturer, I overhead prof Chen chirp “your guys are 5000 hours behind a java class session… they have to work very hard!!”

Terri is equally vexed with a lot of situations… The most vivid of them all I can recall is an instance with some welders who had to work on her drum. I could infer it cost her a lot. The hypocrisy of the sellers bores them as well. They claim sellers instead of frankly telling clients they lack one product or services keep on telling them(cleints/customers) they’ve run out such goods or service. They often times comment on the hospitality and courtesy of some sellers though.

No, no, not the Ghanaian type of “respect”. Terri simply doesn’t believe the kind of “respect or obedience” pupils give to their student is capable of causing positive change as she believes the African child rarely differs from the view of his/her elders.

They are often impressed with some disciplines and other values… BUT I can boldly say they are”shockprised” more than often !!

Only time will tell if culture and technology will perfectly pave way for a uniform life on our planet.. For now we can only keep on adjusting to the prevailing conditions… Let’s keep on keeping on !!!!

Something no one ever imagined

It is so amazing how “almost” all citizens (even those striving hard to establish citizenship on the moon and mars) missed it. It is 12th December 2007 yet not even three men have the least of hints as to how our world is run..  Not even a concrete “secular” theory of the purpose of man on our planet!!

Let’s thank the creator he still makes room for a come back.

Beloved, you’re warmly welcome !!!

Hello world!

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